Welcome to the Single Moms Club…..

 I kicked my now ex-boyfriend out. He’s an alcoholic, and I believed him when he said that he had stopped drinking “because he wanted to be a better man for my kids and I”. Turns out, he’s been drinking, lying about it, and hiding empty bottles in MY car and the garage. We had lived with my parents for the first month that he was here (he moved from North Carolina here to New Mexico) and my mom told me that she and my stepdad found at least fifteen empty bottles of whiskey hidden all over their house.

If that wasn’t bad enough, he refused to quit smoking, even though he has a two-pack a day habit. When someone is living paycheck to paycheck, it seems a little selfish to spend $16 a day on cigarettes.

He just isn’t the person he portrayed himself to be to my family and I. He used to swear that he would work three or four jobs if he had to in order to provide, and he was out of work for a month and a half after getting fired, because he was TOO LAZY to look for a new job. Now, we’ve only been in our house for a month and we’ve already had to sell stuff to make the bills, because he had one of my debit cards and was spending all of my CHILD SUPPORT (from ex-husband)…..I don’t even know what he was spending it on.

I’m so tired of putting up with thirty year-old children. I have three kids, going to have four….I don’t need another one. I flat-out refuse to tolerate a man lying to me again….I’ve had men lying to me since I was eighteen, and I’m sick of it. I honestly just want to be by myself, just eliminate all of the unneccesary drama. I just want to live alone with my kids and my pets, lol. I am so done with relationships. I know I’m coming off like a bitter old hag, but it’s the honest truth. From now on, I’m going to focus on raising my kids, rediscovering my faith, and making myself better.


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