A New Leaf

I am counting down every second of every minute of every….well, you get it. What am I counting down to, you ask?

In twelve teeny-tiny little days, Chad, my kids, and myself are FINALLY moving back home to Texas.

I have been away from Texas for eleven years. Leaving my beloved Lone Star State has been one of my biggest regrets, one that I’ve kicked myself for over and over. It seems like it would never happen, but God has finally provided us with a way back, and I am SO grateful. I’m so excited for this summer. We’re going to take the kids to Six Flags, and Hurricane Harbor, and Dinosaur Valley State Park….etc etc etc. AND, we’re going to get there just time to see the bluebonnets bloom. Those flowers are one of my most favorite things on the planet. I actually have a tattoo of some bluebonnets on my right arm.

So, enough of my dithering on about Texas. Let’s get to the knitting.

My most recent FO is my Earthwurm hat. The pattern is the oh-so-popular Wurm by Katharina Nopp. I used my February shipment of the 2014 Dream Club. It’s a skein of Dream in Color Perfectly Posh Single-Ply in a beautiful variegated pink. It is SO incredibly soft, I can’t help but nuzzle it against my cheek ten times a day every once in a while.


An unwilling model

After I finished the Earthwurm, I immediately cast on a pair of of socks. I had two skeins of Knit Picks Felici that were just languishing in the stash, longing to be used….but if you have the kind of love that I have for Felici, you would understand that such a lovely and special yarn couldn’t be used on an ordinary pair of vanilla socks. (I’m still boycotting thinking of boycotting Knit Picks until they bring Felici back.) So after a week of looking (yes, a week) I finally settled on the Swirl E. Socks by Susie White. I started them on March 5th, and I finished the first one last night. The Felici I’m using is the “Building Blocks” colorway.


One finished Lego sock

The pattern is a breeze to knit and very easy to memorize. I was able to use this sock as TV knitting…didn’t have to really look at it at all. I’ll be casting on the second sock tonight.

Til next time!


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