Hello from the great state of Texas!

We are officially back home. We moved on March 31st to Murphy TX, which is where Hubby’s parents live. We’ve been staying with them until we’re able to find our own place….which actually happened yesterday. We found an apartment complex that we both love down in Arlington and applied for it. It’s actually 200 sq. feet bigger than our old house, AND it has a fireplace, AND two pools. I’d say that’s an upgrade. Oh, and it’s actually made out of brick, and not stucco. I don’t ever want to see another stucco building for as long as I live.

Moving to Texas in March has some definite perks. For instance, we got here just in time for these to start popping up.


Texas Bluebonnets

Which, in my opinion, are the most beautiful flowers that God has ever created. In April they start growing and growing until the sides of the freeways are awash in that gorgeous blue. They tend to grow in patches that are so thick you can’t even see between them, but I know down in Ennis there are actually fields of them.

So, with the bluebonnets also come this tradition:

kidsbluebonnetsdevynne bluebonnetsnolanbluebonnets



We spent the day with my sister and my nephew taking the famous “Family Bluebonnet Pictures”. It’s a serious tradition ’round these parts. I have been wanting to take photos of my kids like this for at LEAST ten years. I am ecstatic that I was finally able to. There’s a reason why I have bluebonnets tattooed on my arm….I absolutely love them. Nothing says “Texas” more to me than seeing them.

April also bring tornado season to Texas. Now, as self-professed weather nerd, I love storms. I think they’re awesome, and I’m fascinated by tornadoes. It’s pretty much rained and/or been overcast every day since we’ve been here, and we’ve already had two tornado watches and one warning, with a touchdown west of DFW and sirens going off in Arlington. There’s a good system moving through right this moment, and all the forecasters are predicting severe thunderstorms with chances of tornadic activity.

Unfortunately, there has not been much knitting lately. We’ve been so busy moving and settling in and looking for a home that I hardly have a chance to sit and relax. I’m making slow progress on my second Lego sock. I finished the heel flap last night while watching “The Babadook” (which was AWESOME), and I’m going to turn the heel sometimes today…or at least try to. I did, however, receive a big box of goodies from Knitpicks.


Which, I will be using for the Care of Magical Creatures bracelet by the ever fabulous Tiny Owl Knits. I’m planning on a bracelet for myself and my oldest daughter (Dee). If I ever get these dang socks finished, that is.



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