Tornadoes and Tiny Things

I adore springtime in Texas. Flowers, greenery, general merriment….and tornado season.

We live in Tornado Alley, which means April and May are our big tornado season. Living here, you get real used to hearing tornado sirens going off, and having tornado warnings and watches EVERY day (and I’m not exaggerating). This season, however, has been a little different.

Texas is getting HAMMERED with rain and storms. We have had more rain in the past two months than we had all year last year. YEAR, people. The entire south part of the state is completely flooded. Homes are literally being swept off of their foundations and carried for miles down the street. People are dying, people are missing, and people are having to be rescued by helicopters because they’re stuck in the water. It’s absolutely insane. One of our major freeways was shut down today because of floodwaters, and there were hundreds of drivers stuck on it for SIX HOURS this morning. They actually had to remove the concrete barriers in the middle of the freeway so people could turn around. I have never seen flooding like this in my entire life. I used to think that flash flood warnings and the likes were silly, and that people were just being dramatic, but after these two months, I’ll never dismiss them again.

On top of the flooding, there has been a ton of tornadoes. The little town of Van, TX was flattened by a tornado a few weeks ago. Tornadoes and thunderstorms really don’t bother me though….I know what to do and how to be prepared in case of a tornado, and that’s all anyone can really do. I will say though, I have driven through a few severe storms in the past few months, and I HAVE been afraid. When the sky is so black it looks like nighttime and the clouds are swirling and frothing above you, you tend to be a little uneasy.

Anyways, moving on from the heaviness and on to lighter things.

There has been knitting!



I’ve knitted a tiny bird nest and a tiny dragon tail, both from Tiny Owl Knits’ Care of Magical Creatures patterns. (I think I may need an intervention). They’re SUPER cute, and instant gratification.

I also have an FO!


Lego Socks, done!!! I lovelovelove them. Once I actually sat down and paid attention to the second sock, it flew by. Poor, neglected wretches.

That’s it for now. Signing off from Waterworld, TX….now off to grab my kayak so I can go grocery shopping.


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