Excuse me, I ordered a helping of Autumn.

Ahhhh….hello, November. Lovely to see you again.

It would be even more lovely if you actually *felt* like November. And by that, I mean if you didn’t bring thunderstorms and tornadoes with you. No tornadoes please, I’d rather have the brisk, cold air and the color-changing “leaf magic show” (as Stink calls it). Yesterday, we spent all day under a tornado watch that was actually upgraded to a warning in the afternoon. There was a tornado in Fort Worth that ripped the roof off of a big office building. It was scary, but made for a great viral video. (Seriously, four news channels were showing the same video over and over. You’d think we Texans have never seen a roof flying through the air. Pfft. We’re used to it.)

For once, I’m glad that October is over. Usually I love October and Halloween, but this year I was pretty indifferent about the whole thing. For one thing, my kiddos were with my ex-husband the weekend of Halloween, so I didn’t even get to see them in their costumes. This was also the first year that I didn’t take them trick-or-treating in their ENTIRE LIVES. (They actually didn’t even get to *go* trick-or-treating with my ex-husband. But that’s a story for another time.)

They did, however, look adorable.


Devynne’s angel costume actually belonged to my sister, who wore it when she was about eight. Since I’m thefavoritedaughter the oldest child, I have all of our childhood costumes. I think Stink’s lion costume belonged to my sis too….but nobody knows for sure. Apparantly, it just materialized in the costume box because nobody has any idea where it came from. And Nolan, in typical boy fashion, wanted to be something skeazy and scary.

We had a great time carving pumpkins. Stink requested a Jack Skellington pumpkin, since she’s OBSESSED with The Nightmare Before Christmas. Honestly, I have no idea where that came from. It’s not like *I* am obsessed with that movie or anything. Not like *I* have a giant tattoo of Sally on my left arm. O.O But I digress.

I carved her pumpkin for her, because her and sharp plastic tools did not sound like a good idea. Dev and Nolan each wanted to carve their own pumpkins for the first time, which they did, and they looked fantastic.




Fun Fact of the Day: When Nolan was about two, we discovered he was TERRIFIED of pumpkin guts. And I mean terrified. Like, scream like a banshee, burst into tears, and run like a maniac into his closet to hide. I still give him crap about that.


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